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     Car insurance in New Jersey.  Not a pretty subject, is it?  It's worth remembering though, that it is absolutely necessary to drive legally in the state.

     With that in mind, how do you get insurance and save a buck or two?   Well, you can try shopping around for it, but the truth is that many agencies and brokers won't even want to talk to you unless they handle all of your insurance needs.  Worse yet, some won't want to handle your car insurance under ANY circumstances.

     I can tell you that I have always received excellent service from  Also, there is a plan offering insurance for teachers and other educators in the state at really great rates.  If you fit into that category, check them out at Teacher's Insurance Plan.

     Finally, one way to save is to self-insure.  While all New Jersey drivers must have liability insurance, it's possible, unless a lender is involved, to avoid insuring for collision, theft, etc.  This is a serious decision, of course, as any losses not insured fall back to the car owner.  Can you afford to take that risk?

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